Y Donates 1250 Neck Gaiters to JCSD#1 Students

UPDATE: A Duke University study titled: “Low-cost measurement of facemask efficacy for filtering expelled droplets during speech” was published on Friday, August 7th. We certainly wish we had this information when we ordered neck gaiters for all JCSD students on July 28.

That being said, it was and still is our full intention to support JCSD#1 students, parents, and school staff during these trying times in any way we can. Gaiters are worn around the neck and are less likely to come in contact with the floor or be misplaced during the school day. They represented a sound complement to the mask that the school district is providing. It seemed a logical choice at the time given the information we had available to us.

We are not healthcare professionals or research scientists, but we are certain the school district will take the appropriate steps to determine whether or not the neck gaiters will be an acceptable mask option during the coming school session.

Not all is lost, in the event that the neck gaiters are not viable for use in the schools, we know they will provide warmth for youth of all ages as they travel to and from school, and enjoy the countless activities that Johnson County and the Bighorns offer this winter.

Students will be required to wear masks at various times of the school day. It represents one of the many challenges in the upcoming 2020-2021 school year for both students and parents alike. Parents need multiple mask options for their children so that they are not wearing the same mask each and every day. The Johnson County Family YMCA is proud to announce that we are donating 1250 neck gaiters to the Johnson County School District to provide an additional face covering option for all students K-12.

Neck gaiters are an excellent alternative to masks because they can be worn around the neck when not in use, preventing them from being lost, dropped on the ground, or otherwise compromised. For many JCSD#1 students, the Y is a continuation of the school day. It was an easy decision for us to participate in this way and help provide for the health and wellness of all JCSD#1 students, whether they are at school or the Y.

The Johnson County Family YMCA is the community hub for recreation and fitness. Our goal is to provide all local residents with access to programs and services that promote lifelong health and wellness.

The Y and the school district have a long-standing relationship with one another. The Y has been the home of PE swim lessons, swim practices and meets, and other activities for many years. The BHS Track Team and coaches have collaborated with the Y’s Youth Track program to teach upcoming track stars the ins and outs of Track and Field. To begin the donation process, CEO Tim Miner sought out JCSD#1 Superintendent Jim Wagner about donating the neck gaiters, with the Y logo and Buffalo Bison colors, for all students.

This collaboration helps to ensure that all students will be able to return to school this fall better equipped to handle the challenges that this new normal presents.

During the week of August 17th, CEO Tim Miner and Operations Director Tim Cahhal will deliver the neck gaiters to the Principal of each school in Buffalo and Kaycee. Pictured below are the color variants of the neck gaiters. We’re looking forward, hopeful and optimistic, and doing all we can to better serve our community.

The Johnson County Family YMCA is donating 1,250 neck gaiters to JCSD#1 students so that they will have an additional face covering for use during the 2020-2021 school year.


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