Mission: Develop familiarity and competency with the basic swim techniques at any age to ensure a lifelong enjoyment of swimming, diving, and aquatics activities.

The Y’s pool was built as a multipurpose aquatic center for the community catering to a wide variety of uses including, but not limited to: water exercise, arthricise, preschool thru adult swim lessons, competitive swimming & diving, and of course, times to just enjoy being in the aquatic environment.

Our Aquatics Center includes:

  • Six 25 yard lanes
  • “L” shaped pool with depths of 2’8’’ to 10’2’’
  • 1-meter spring diving board
  • Aqua basketball hoop
  • Handicap chairlift
  • 150,000-gallon water capacity
  • “Strantrol” auto chlorine system

Open Swim

Our designated open swim times are available to all members and day-use visitors for recreational and fitness swimming. Our pool features equipment for a range of activities including diving board, climbing wall, and basketball hoop. We also have pool noodles and dive toys available.

Designated Lap Swim

The designated lap swim times are set aside specifically for those that want to swim laps without the distraction of any other aquatics activities. During peak times, lane ropes and “circle swimming” patterns will be required.


The aquatics program at the Y offers much more than just lap swim and open swim times. Expand your workouts with any of the classes below.

Water Ex

A moderate-intensity aerobic exercise class in the water utilizing the water and other equipment to get a whole body workout in a fun and safe environment without the physical impact of gravity.


An aquatic exercise class with a wellness concept to help those with arthritis to help manage symptoms, maintain independence, and enjoy life. The class is designed to maintain range of motion and strength to help alleviate the difficulties in daily living.


Preschool Gym & Swim

This program is designed for our youngest beginning swimmers. The focus is on developing the basics of aquatic movement to foster comfort in the water and build confidence. Kids are exposed to personal safety concepts, basic rescue techniques, and boating safety. Stroke development is also introduced to set a foundation for further technique development as kids grow and become more comfortable in the water.

Swim Lessons

Swim lessons are held year-round with the exception of May, August, and sometimes December (Dependant on the way holidays fall).