A New Look for JCFYMCA.org

The Y website has been redesigned and is now where you will find everything you need to know about classes, programs, and special events at the Johnson County Family YMCA.

Though it’s hard to miss the fresh coat of paint here on JCFYMCA.org there’s a lot more going on under the hood than you might expect. The entire site was redesigned to provide a better experience on any device including your desktop at work, the laptop at home, or the tablet and Smartphone when you’re on the go.

Our goal was to create a website that allows you to get to exactly what you are looking for in just a click or two. We think we’ve done that and here are a few tips to help you get comfortable with all the new features as quickly as possible.

Interactive Class & Program Calendars

“What time is open swim?” It’s the most common question we get at the front desk. Well now that answer and the answer to all of the “What time…” questions can be found on the JCFYMCA.org home page. Just scroll down to the calendar section, click on the tab for the appropriate department, and find your day. The calendar displays the first 5 events of the day so you may need to click the down arrow to expand the list for the day. Then just click on the event to view more details. It’s just that easy!

This 30 second video will show you just how to navigate the calendars to find the information you need in just a few clicks.

Calendars are automatically updated every 15 minutes from our internal calendars so changes are pretty close to real-time. Our goal is to make sure you know exactly when your class or program is starting or if it has been cancelled for the day. You can even download each department calendar into your system!

Friends of the Y Monthly Campaign

One of the new features on the website is the Friends of the Y Monthly Campaign. Our goal to foster health and wellness for the entire community is ambitious and can only be achieved with the help of others. So this new feature will highlight projects in support of that goal that would benefit from your generosity.

Each project will be featured on our website for a month. One project is for the Y and the other for a local partner in our community. Your donation will be split equally between the two projects. Donations can be made right on the website or using the DipJar in the lobby of the Main Y or at Y in the Park. Of course, donations are tax deductible and receipts for your records are available online.

Email Based on Your Preferences

Nothing is more annoying than an inbox full of emails that just don’t matter. Am I right!

Email fatigue is real if you are constantly receiving updates about swim lessons, deadlines for basketball registration, or the agenda for summer camp in your inbox when your kids have grown and moved out on their own. In fact, that information won’t be useful to you until grand kids come!

We considered this when we redesigned the website. On the new site you can explore by department and dig into the information that matters to you right now. The same applies to email and we’ve made our subscription process better than ever. Simply select the interests that matter to you and forget those that don’t. We’ll email you just the information you want to receive. Of course, we will still email you the occasional newsletter with important updates that matter to all of our members.

So click here to sign up or edit your existing preferences. Our system will keep track of all of it automagically!


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