Health Order Next Steps

On Wednesday, May 13th, the Governor of Wyoming and State Health Officer released the 4th continuation of the State Health Orders. The one relevant to gymnasiums can be found here.

As a result, we have modified our reopening plan.

The following will layout our modified reopening plan, which will go into effect on Monday, May 18th.

General Restrictions

Hours of Operation will remain the same.
Weekdays: 6:00 am – 6:30 pm
Saturday: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Sunday: Closed

Facilities remain limited to members only at this time.

Members will continue to go through a check in screening process before being allowed to use the facility.

Please arrive dressed in the appropriate attire for the desired activity as the locker rooms will be unavailable for all but restroom and sink facilities.

Pool patrons will need to bring a towel from home as Y towels will be unavailable. The deck showers will be available for rinsing off before and after pool use. This remains an important step in protecting the pool chemistry.

Personal Training is permitted. Trainers will wear a mask and ensure proper sanitation practices are utilized.

Bath towels and sweat towels will be unavailable at this time.

Equipment must be wiped down before and after use.

Equipment towels and disinfectant spray bottles will be available.

Staff will be present to ensure equipment is wiped down in between members and that cleaning supplies remain well-stocked.


Members will continue to be asked a small series of general health questions and to agree to some special policies put in place to determine facility entry eligibility, as mandated by the New Health Order.

If a member meets the eligibility criteria to enter, Front Desk staff will check to see if their desired workout area is available. If the area is at capacity, the member will be directed to wait until a specified time at which the area becomes available.

If a member is deemed ineligible to enter, they will kindly be asked to leave the Y.

If a member would like to change to a different area of the facility, they are required to check in with the Front Desk to determine if there is space available in the desired area.

Work out sessions are restricted to one (1) hour.
Staff will alert you when you are nearing the end of your session time.

Six (6) feet of distance must be maintained while working out.

Staff will be present to kindly remind members to create appropriate distancing if they observe patrons working out too close to one another. This is not only for the health and safety of everyone in the facility, but will also allow us to remain open and serving the community.

Y members are required to check out at the Front Desk upon departure.


Staff will continue to go through the same procedure as members.

If a staff person is deemed ineligible, they will not be allowed to work until they can meet the eligibility criteria.

Staff are required to check out at the Front Desk upon departure.

Staff will continue to wear masks if within six (6) feet of members or other staff.

Staff will be monitoring all workout areas to be sure the capacity caps are not exceeded. See below for more information.

Aquatics Center

At this time, members will need to choose between the use of the pool or a spin bike and may not alternate between the two. To change from one to the other, you will need to visit the Front Desk and check out from one to the other.

Deck showers are available for rinsing off before/after pool use only.

Maximum of six (6) people in the pool.
Maximum of one (1) person per lane in the pool.

Maximum of six (6) non-swimmers, one (1) per spin bike.

The cabanas are available for changing.

Cardio Room & Weight Room

Maximum of 10 members between the two spaces at a time.

Spotting remains prohibited at this time.

Some of the cardio equipment will be taped off to ensure proper distancing is met.

We ask that you complete all sets on a machine before moving to another machine. This will help us reduce the number of times the equipment needs to be cleaned.

Cycling Studio

During Classes
Maximum of four (4) members and an instructor at a time.

Outside Classes
Maximum of five (5) members at a time.

Bikes are placed at appropriate spacing and are indicative of the maximum number of participants at a given time.


Maximum of 12 members at a time.
Maximum of two (2) members per hoop as long as the participants maintain proper six (6) feet of distance.

No outside balls are permitted in the facility at this time.

Basketballs are available for check out at the Front Desk and must be checked back in. These will be sanitized after each use.


Members may visit in the lobby as long as they maintain the required six (6) feet of distance.

Locker Rooms

The locker rooms will remain restroom facilities only.

Changing is prohibited.

Showers are closed.

Strength & Agility Center

During Classes
Maximum of four (4) members and an instructor at a time.

Outside Classes
Maximum of four (4) members at a time.

Group Exercise Classes

Group Exercise Classes will resume in a limited capacity.

Please see the Fitness Calendar on our homepage for the full list of classes.

Close-contact group activities, including close-contact sports, are prohibited.

The following are deemed to be close-contact group activities:
Noon Ball

Facility Cleanliness

Staff will be continually monitoring the facility’s cleanliness. Equipment will be cleaned between each patron with approved sanitizing products.

Restrooms and common areas will be thoroughly cleaned through the day and after closing.

Your health is our priority. Restrictions will change and we will do our best to inform you as they do. Please work with us to ensure this transition is as painless as possible for everyone.


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