Benefits of Personal Training

Many of us have the desire to be “in shape” or even just better shape than we currently are. The trouble is that starting an exercise program can be intimidating. Not everyone knows how to work out and ultimately reap the benefits. That’s were your Personal Trainer can help!

Your trainer will help you create a habit, keep you accountable and add variety to keep you progressing toward your goals; who knows, you may actually find it enjoyable.

Creating a Habit

One of the most difficult parts of working out (besides all the heavy breathing) is creating the habit. There are many different theories on how long it takes to create a habit, but one thing is for certain, it doesn’t happen over night. Your Personal Trainer will guide you along your fitness journey in establishing a habit and keeping you accountable to your goals.

On average, it takes more than 2 months before a new behavior becomes automatic — 66 days to be exact.


YES. I do know that Stick-to-it-iv-ness isn’t a real word, but that is exactly what it takes to succeed in finding your best self. Sticking to your exercise schedule is paramount in not only creating, but maintaining your fitness habit. Having a Personal Trainer adds experience and expertise to your workout, it also creates a culture of accountability. Do you skip appointments with your doctor or boss? Having a Trainer is like creating an appointment with yourself to focus on creating the “you” that you have always wanted. Your Trainer is there to help you facilitate that change.

Variety is the Spice of Life

Often times we start to work out and even start seeing progress only to get bored with the same regimen and ultimately find ourselves on the dreaded plateau. This is another area where your Trainer can save the day. Personal Trainers specialize in making sure that you get the appropriate workout and keep your body and mind guessing what is to come next. This variety keeps you engaged in the commitment you made to yourself and pushes you toward your goals. You may find yourself sailing right past your original goal and realize the workout that needed a habit to create becomes a daily treat to yourself.

Starting the Journey

Our team of Certified Personal Trainers are waiting to help you find your best self.

  • Tim Cahhal – Director
  • Seth Fischer – Trainer
  • Donna Creditor – Trainer
  • Kaira Beach – Trainer


We are very proud to offer training at $25 an hour. We keep our cost low so we can see Johnson County residents living fulfilling lives and enjoying all the great opportunities our area provides.

Want to Learn More?

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