Topic: Y In The Park

You can see the changes at the end of July

As July wraps up, you can really see the progress made on the building.  Over the past few weeks the windows and doors have been installed, the entryway cover was built on the west side, and the exterior of the building has been stain painted.  The progress inside is also impressive.  The wiring for television, internet, electrical and the fire-alarm system has all been completed.  At the beginning of August we will start working on insulating the building, hanging drywall, and chinking.  It is hard to believe, but we are a little more than a month from opening the building!

After a month and a half we have doors and windows!

The month of July has been extremely busy at the Y with summer camp, the triathlon, a golf tournament and of course the work at the Y in the Park.  Over the past few days windows and doors have been installed.  It has made the building look great- no more plywood covering the doors and windows!  Soon the exterior will be stained and chinked.  The historical building will soon have a complete facelift and you would never know that it is over 100 years old!

Progress Continues in the Park

After the first full week in July we now have the water, gas, cable and electric all installed in the building.  Exterior work also continued with some log repairs in preparation of staining and rechinking the building at the end of the month.


With summer weather brings framing!

This week we have started to frame the interior of the building.  The plumbers have laid out all the water and sewer, and next the electrician will start placing the electrical.