Topic: Y In The Park

A sneak preview of the Y in the Park

As work continues, the kids have been clamoring to see the building. Telling them they will soon have their own space has only increased their desire to see with their own eyes this new building. Our staff could only hold out for so long until they broke down and had to give the kids a tour. As they entered the building for the first time the first comment made was “THIS IS OURS!” The excitement of soon having their own place could be heard in their voices and seen on their faces. Despite this lengthy renovation process the staff knows this has been arguably one of the best investments the Y has ever made.

Y in the Park Wrapping Up August

With school starting, the beginning of the end of the Y in the Park renovation project has arrived!  All the lights have been installed; which has brightened up our day.  The beautiful handrail has arrived and will be anchored in this week.  The ceiling in the south room is completed with all the tongue and groove installed and the fans are keeping everything cool in these dog days of summer.  This week the heating and air conditioning will be installed with the plumbers close behind.  We are looking at a completion date in mid-September and we can hardly wait!


The Y in the Park is getting ready for the school year!

The last three months have been a blur.  The Y in the Park is getting closer each and every day to opening, and the progress inside is moving so quickly it is hard to keep track of all the improvements.  The drywall is now done, the ceiling installation is nearly complete and we now have internet in the building!  We will start painting the interior at the end of the week and on the heals of the painters will be our tilers.  In less than a month we will have kids running through the building- just in time for another great school year!

The Y in the Park is on the Home Stretch!

Work at the Y in the Park is moving very fast now as we are closing in on our completion date!  All the drywall will be hung before the end of the week, and the ceiling in the south room will be completed by next week.  Interior painting and staining will start in the next two weeks followed by flooring!  We also did more exterior work, with the installation of gutters.  Everything is coming together smoothly and we are excited to open the facility in the next month!

August is off with a bang at the Y in the Park!

The work is going full speed ahead in the first full week of August.  Insulation is getting sprayed this week, and soon drywall will go up.  The last bit of concrete is getting poured today and tomorrow!  The cement truck has been over to the building at least 6 times in the past 60 days.