Topic: Y In The Park

Check out some before and after photos at the Y in the Park!

As community members enter the Y in the Park for the first time they are amazed at just how fantastic the project has turned out. Some remember going to the building to shoot archery for high school or to gather the Christmas ornaments for Main Street. Many find it hard to believe that this old and often forgotten building could be brought back to life and once again touch the lives of those in our community. At the start of the project it was hard for many people to envision what the YMCA staff, volunteers and donors had in mind for this historic building. But now they are excited about the potential of this old building, and how it once again is filled with laughter and excitement. With a steadfast approach and several surprises along the way, the YMCA has saved this nearly 100 year old building and ensured that it will be part of Johnson County for another 100 years. It is exciting to know that today’s youth will have fond memories of playing, learning, building friendships, and discovering who they are at the Y in the Park. We are thankful for those that had faith and trusted the YMCA in this endeavor as we worked together to strengthen our community. We are honored to serve our community every day, and are excited to enhance that service with this wonderful facility.

The Y in the Park Welcomes Our After Schoolers!

It was an exciting day with our after school kids getting to enjoy this awesome facility for the first time!  There were several different activities available to everyone ranging from drawing to yoga!  What a great space for some awesome fun!

Click here to read some of the kids thoughts after their first day at the Y in the Park!

The Y in the Park’s Grand Opening

The Y in the Park celebrated the grand opening of the facility with an evening recognizing all the wonderful people that made this project possible. Construction took nearly four months and prior planning took place in the fall of 2014, but through thick and thin the project was completed! With dedicated staff and volunteers working tirelessly together for nearly a year, the result is a facility that will serve our community for decades to come. The historic building has added 19% more programming space for the YMCA and is the single largest capital project completed since the main building was built in 1978.

Equipment is arriving at the Y in the Park!

We are nearly done with all the construction! Now the fun and games are starting; literately with the games!  Our interactive games have just arrived and the staff have been giving them a test run. We are still waiting on other equipment and furniture, but we are nearing the end of this exciting Y in the Park project.

Only a few more weeks for the Y in the Park!

It is hard to believe that after 3+ months the project is nearly complete.  All the work is expected to be finished up in less than 2 weeks!  This past week cabinets and flooring have been installed, pulling the entire building together.  All that remains is finishing up the plumbing, flooring, electrical and painting.  We have also received

word that the interactive games will be arriving at the end of next week- the kids can’t wait!