Topic: Y In The Park

Even with torrential rainfall work continues!

It seems rather fitting that with all the rain over the past week we have been working on the plumbing.  Soon water, sewer and natural gas will all be installed at the building.  After seeing the summer camp kids get paint all over their hands this morning in the gym, we can’t wait to have FIVE sinks in the Y at the Park!

We have a floor in the Park!

After three days, we have about 75% of the concrete floor laid and it will be completed before the end of the week. While cement is going down, framing is going up- the walls are starting to take shape as the concrete dries. If you listen close enough, you can hear the footsteps of our kids running around the building on the new floors.

Rain, rain go away!

Despite all the rain over the past few days, we are still moving the project forward!  We are now getting ready to put down our concrete floors.  The project is really starting to move now!

More progress before Memorial Day!

The work continues before the holiday!  Demolition continues. Over 50 yards of gravel has been used to level the floor, water and sewer have been connected, door entries have been added, and concrete has been removed.  There is still a lot of work to be done, but now it is time to enjoy a three day weekend.

More Construction Photos

After our first week of work, the building looks completely different!  The old bathroom has been removed and multiple dump truck loads of debris has been taken to the dump, and the location of the windows have been cut out.  The exterior has had trees cut down and the paint is being removed from the logs.  We can already hear the kids playing in the new Y!